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Metrotune Has Some New Songs Up You Guys!

The funny part about Metrotune’s brush with blog hype this past year is how they got nabbed all that attention behind the strength of their most “chillwave” song but carry way more depth than just another bedroom start-up. The latest batch of tunes presented to the world by the mysterious project show off just how all over the map they can be. I imagine a fair chunk of people who were turned onto Metrotune by “Casio Beach” expect more glo-fi stuff…and strangely one of the new tracks won’t let them down, sorta. “Clash” avoids the lo-fi recording feel a lot of chillwave groups go for out of necessity or taste, instead veering towards the Toro Y Moi school of music, wherein nostalgic sounds (“Clash” screams 80s) go through clever production and come out the ringer fully formed. Though “Clash” lasts more than three minutes, the gem of the new class would be the 58 second long “Lovers.” Metrotune makes a Dilla-inspired hip-hop beat and nothing more, letting the drum beat do the moving while a vocal samples gets screwed around with. It ends way too soon…but sometimes the best moments do. Listen to both tracks here.