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Back To School: Harvard Are Back

Harvard broke up back in 2007, but recently it became clear they were ready to give it the ol’ college try one more time. The Ivy-League-named duo started popping up on live events posters and getting Twitter mentions. Now, to confirm that this is for serious, they have a new album out and a single to go with it. “A Chance Meeting” comes off of new disc Hahvahd (that a Boston accent?) and is a big hybrid of various pop forms – getting a major Erasure vibe from all the synths, and the verses actually seem weirdly stuck between the indie-cool of Cubismo Grafico and the unhip likes of Christmas J-Pop. It’s catchier than your usual assembly-line Johnny’s song, but it’s weird to think of this as being in Tokyo’s “cool” scene when it sounds so unapologetically cheesy. Which isn’t a bad thing! So yeah…Harvard made a catchy pop tune that could probably be played in a Japanese chocolate ad in some bizarre other world. Watch the video below.