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Beauty Even In Ugly Shit: Oshiripenpenz

Fair warning: Osaka’s Oshiripenpenz aren’t making “accessible” music. They also aren’t even really experimenting nor trying to push the boundaries of their sound as far as it can go as the recently discussed Praha Depart. That group does some pretty strange stuff but seem to have a goal. Oshiripenpenz just sort of fuck around and record the results. Their might be actual structure infused in these rapid-fire spasms, but the group is way to busy bouncing Animaniacs style off the wall to let them form. The band themselves try to pass this off as “UDON psychedelic” and, given that absurd name, means absolutely nothing. This isn’t art rock or avant garde…it’s proudly ugly.

Yet despite being as attractive as a shock meme, Oshiripenpenz’s creations also can be kinda enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong a full album of this stuff would be grounds for incarceration, but taken in small doses one starts to hear a lot of good ideas the band went on to hit over the head with a club. “HAW” ends up being the most abrasive thing they’ve recorded, a mish-mash of caveman grunting and meandering guitar playing that somehow someway converges into a disjointed but sorta hypnotic jam. “LOVELETTER from kussaibus” meanwhile veers towards something more straightforward with it’s Ren & Stimpy guitar lines and slightly more medicated vocals, and “ahen” could basically be retitled “High School Zazen Boys Do The Talent Show.” These messes are also beautiful in their own, hideous way and definitely a break from the ordinary. Hope you like screaming though. Listen here.