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Cold Case: Killing Boy’s “Frozen Music”

Moving at an appropriately frosted-over speed, Killing Boy’s “Frozen Music” lingers around so long it’s easy to slap one of the bigger critical cop-outs on it and just call it “boring.” This isn’t fair for two reasons – first off, it’s their song “Call 4 U” which really deserves that label, a meandering number where nothing really happens unless you really like voices being ever-so-slightly raised or shiny synths. Second, “Frozen Music” actually hides a lot of depth. Killing Boy dabble in the same math-rock-tinged science as groups like Foals or fellow Japanese band Perfect Piano Lesson. Yet whereas those two tend to move at more neck-snapping paces, “Frozen Music” takes its time to twist while still retaining dance elements (see: the percussion). The easiest comparison would be to Foals’ Total Life Forever except even more comfortable at taking time to swerve into guitar freak-outs and the like.