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Bogglin: YAGI

Look, moment of honesty – I originally gave a listen to YAGI’s music because he used the above image, and I really like King Of The Hill. That simple. But I wouldn’t be writing something up about YAGI just because he grabbed a screenshot of one of my favorite cartoons. Turns out the Japanese beatmaker is yet another welcome addition into the ever-growing beat scene developing in this country – although he only has two works posted up on his SoundCloud…and a stray song on YouTube…what YAGI has shared with the world are tasty works of production. “Night & Day,” the YouTube-linked video, finds him slicing up some sax-aided song and turning it into a beat caught between the 70’s and 2030s. “IceCoffeeeeeeeee” plays it a little more simple but follows the same blueprint, YAGI dipping the entire track into some future-leaning electronics. “Duusraa,” though, captures this approach best..check those flutes! Check that skittery beat! YAGI is definitely more than a cool picture. Listen below.

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