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New Cloudy Busey: “Before This Loneliness”

“Before This Loneliness” finds Osaka’s Cloudy Busey stretching out after the concise dance-pop of “Who Says They Love You,” from earlier this year. His latest goes on for just over six-and-a-half minutes, and resembles the house-leaning styles of “Up To You (If You Love Me),” albeit this new one sounds much more upbeat than the prior…even if the lyrical content isn’t all smiles. “Before This Loneliness” is anchored by a little piano that remains in the center even as the song adds and removes elements. Sonically, it’s another solid floor-leaning track from Cloudy Busey.

Like the other two songs he’s released in 2012, though, the highlight of “Before This Loneliness” are the vocals. “You’ll always be lonely/if you can’t take a little craziness,” goes the best line here, the words stretched out just enough to mesh up with the backing sounds. It is another step in Cloudy Busey’s growing vocal confidence, and it is resulting in some great music. Listen below.