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Brave Beat: Stones Taro’s “Don’t Be Afraid”

Japanese netlabels have a slight reputation for putting out busy, zig-zagging music. Oftentimes, that’s true! But I’m always struck how mellow Sabacan Records output over the last two years has been. The latest to come out from the digital destination, producer Stones Taro’s “Don’t Be Afraid,” adds another example to fuel this suspicion. The song is a mid-tempo house number, slowly mutating over its run but never taking any dramatic turns. It’s just enjoyable dance music, complete with vocal sample that lends a little extra force to this breezy number (just listen to those xylophone-esque notes! hand me a Mojito!). BDH’s “Solid Dub Mix” adds some fizz to the mix, but the ease of the original still comes through even the biggest stretches of dissolving sound. Get it here, or listen below.