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New Parkgolf Featuring Emi Okamoto: “Dance No Aizu”

As those year-end demands start creeping up, it’s easy to forget about all the great music you’ve actually listened to rather than all the stuff you still need to get through. Parkgolf’s Reo came out in August, and is a big step up for the Hokkaido-born producer. Part of that comes thanks to how he expands his discombobulated sound to other styles, mixing up his usual energy rushes with diversions into rap production and hazy pop. “Dance No Aizu” represents the latter, and a video for the Emi Okamoto-featuring song popped up tonight, which is all we need to re-celebrate Parkgolf’s latest. This one’s a highlight, especially when you look at the details — the silly do-dos, the keyboard splatters, the percussion. But even if you gloss over that, the hook works wonders. Listen above.