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Busy Day Round-Up: Bonjour Suzuki, Pasocom Music Club, Yomo-Da And N-qia

Very busy day for me…and a lot of solid stuff appeared online. So here is a quick hitter touching on them all.

— On her latest number, Bonjour Suzuki teams up with French rapper Sebastian for a dreamy Parisian pop number. The music itself unfolds in the same electronic haze she has played around with for about two years now, but now she speak-sings in French, and delivers the hook in English. Listen above.

— Pasocom Music Club always keep you on your toes. I wouldn’t have guessed a cover of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Thousand Knives” would be in the cards, but here we are! And isn’t it nice. They condense it into just over three minutes, and put more of a dancefloor spin on it, but echoes of the original come through. Listen below.

— Producer Yomo-Da captures his dreams…or, that’s what he writes on SoundCloud…on “The Palace Of Dreams,” a jaunty number guided by piano and, eventually bright synth notes that add a welcome glow to the song. Listen below.

— Lastly, the duo of Nozomi and Serph are back as N-qia, with the slow-burning “Straight Forward.” It isn’t quite, as it burbles before zipping forward. Listen here.