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Buzzin’ Off: DubbyMaple’s Pass Of The Bass EP

The Trekkie Trax gang have been keeping very busy in 2014, between working with European labels and an increased live schedule around the country. Beyond a busier schedule, it also seems like the collective’s number have been expanding as of late – which is to say, DubbyMaple, I don’t remember you in Trekkie Trax, but Pass Of The Bass makes me think you are a good fit for that squad. This three-original-songs collection is a fast-movin’ affair with a lot of glitchy vocal samples and at times line-blurring percussion (primarily on the title track, which is half juke skitter-a-thon, half high-energy screech-off). The highlight is “Juice,” a five-minute bass challenge that, despite a very simple structure, is the most hypnotic thing here. Two remixes added on at the end courtesy of Ninja Drinks Wine and Boogie Mann. Get it here, or listen below.