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Catch A Bad Chick By The Toe? Enie Meenie’s “Sentimental Dream”


“Things We Missed Month” really hasn’t been much of a success so far…bad timing all around!…yet I’m going to evoke the gimmick for this, a song by the band Enie Meenie that dropped back in March off of the group’s third album that I just noticed on a particularly lazy Sunday lacking any good TV. I probably still would have written about it despite the almost four-month lag, but hey let’s abuse an underabused theme! You’d expect “Sentimental Dream” to be dripping with gushy emotions and sincerity, what with a title like “Sentimental Dream.” Yet in reality it’s basically just solid power-pop, guitars plugging away and a high-pitched keyboard adding a dramatic glow to this fast-paced number. The only sonic elements that could be mistaken for ennui would be the occasional dips into non-electric piano, but those only peak up a few times. Enie Meenie have made a rapid, constantly morphing rock number that isn’t burdened by grandiose melodrama. If anything, it captures the feeling of a “sentimental dream” – quickly occurring, but gone just as soon. Watch the video above.