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New She Talks Silence: “Vanished Vacances”

She Talks Silence releases the follow-up EP to last year’s excellent Noise & Novels, Some Small Gifts, tomorrow, but starting right now you can hear a new song. She’s released a video for the track “Vanished Vacances” which you can watch below. STS still has got it…”it” hear being catchy music obscured by the decision to let the vocals drift phantom-like among the instrumentation and various other offsetting touches that make even the relative hop of this song come off as sinister. Like, check the wood blocks being bumped together…in most songs those would be party signs, yet on “Vanished” they sound ominous. And hey, when everything comes unglued at the end…yeah, She Talks Silence still doing what she does best. Watch the (very appropriate!) video below.


Jet Set Records have samples of every song on Some Small Gifts right now, go listen to them here. “Bedflower” sounds especially tight.