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Controlled Karaoke: Arashi Dudes Star In Two Commercials, I Ask “Where’s The Double Down?”

I swear I haven’t sold out and become a secret Kentucky Fried Chicken hawker. It’s just Friday and I want to make one more post before I zone out for two days. And nothing says “phoned in” like posting some wacky Japanese commercials the afternoon before Saturday! Both feature some of the bros from Arashi shilling for various companies. First, one of them gets all orgasmic about the deliciousness of KFC. Though, if I can go on a rant here for one second, the only thing KFC advertisements in Japan remind me of at the moment is the fact the delicious-looking, heart-destroying Double Down. Why can’t this stupid ironic fast food item get to Japan already so I can eat it and hate myself a little more? Anyway…watch a guy from Arashi spazz out to the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices below.


The other new advertisement featuring a few member of the boy-band could, with a few sneaky edits, probably be turned into a David Lynch movie. Three guys hang out in a bathroom, washing a cell phone. I don’t get but I’m gonna post it anyways because my hands aren’t coated in Double Down grease right now.


Have a pleasant, chicken-filled weekend. Check out more great stuff at Japanator, where these were first posted.