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New Predawn Video: “Suddenly”


Spoiler alert: I got my hands on Predawn’s new mini-album A Bird In The Hand and will most likely have review of it in the near future. Further revelations – it’s a good and minimalist album, nothing but pretty singing and guitars save for the rare piano appearance. It’s a nice little album but also the kind of release really hard to think critically about because it’s just so…simple. Like, you wouldn’t need to deconstruct a leaf or a roast beef sandwich in order to figure out why those things are good. Same goes for Predawn’s latest. Yet I’ll try to complicate the easy the best I can.

A video for initial standout track “Suddenly” has found it’s way to the Internet. Ms. Predawn herself goes for a stroll in a cartoon forest and meets some animate friends, including a bird and some livestock. A cute vid, not to mention a good chance to hear A Bird In The Hand’s best track.