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Controlled Karaoke: Coca-Cola Lets You Know What The Top 10 Sakura Songs Are

Wither the folks outside of Japan right now, because it’s Sakura season. For a very short period of time, the cherry blossoms around the country have bloomed into a very delicate and pretty white. It makes the bike ride to work a bit more tolerable. The folks at the Coca-Cola corporation want you to enjoy this wonderful time of the year even more, and not just by drinking refreshing sugar-water. Through the Coca-Cola Japan “Happy Teen’s Club,” they’ve released a top ten list of songs written for the Sakura season. Topping Coke’s list – Ketsumeishi’s “Sakura.” Other placers include Arashi, Funky Monkey Babys and AKB48. All these songs tend to be a bit overdone with sappiness, but not really a surprise given the melancholy nature the country treats the Cherry Blossoms.

(via JPOP Lover)