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New The Bawdies: “Keep You Happy”


I’ve already speculated on how howly rock group The Bawdies seem poised to be pop hits in Japan. Turns out I was one song off – the band’s latest “Keep You Happy” sounds like a true stab at mainstream acceptance. All the rougher edges found on “Hot Dog” get sandblasted clean for a summer pool party jam boasting a structure reminiscent of another warm weather monster, “I Want You Back.” Still central to The Bawdies sound is the voice of first-name-only front man Roy…I’m still on the fence as to whether his screechy voice helps the band stand out, or just sounds like the joke singing voice from South Park. I’ll let you decided that one.

In other Bawdies news, the band has been added to Fuji Rock, and have a new album out on April 21.