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Controlled Karaoke: Ghibli Meets Death Metal

Finally, a way to enjoy the theme song to My Neighbor Totoro without surrendering any masculinity if your the type who obsess about that. Something called IMAGINARY FLYING MACHINES have put together something called Princess Ghibli which takes classic songs from Studio Ghibli and adds, primarily, two things:

– power chords
– guttural howling

So yes, watch the clip below to hear the theme to Ponyo transformed from Miyazaki to Meshuggah.


Also, this isn’t a particularly groundbreaking idea. Go to any novelty-ish store here in Japan and you’ll find all sorts of “(genre goes here) does Ghibli.” I’ve seen reggae Ghibli, techno Ghibli and J-Pop Ghibli amongst others. No “metal Ghibli” until now though.