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Controlled Karaoke: Girl’s Generation Meets Perfume, Talk About Stuff


When Perfume City originally Tweeted “SNSD x Perfume on MJ! Dreams do come true!” followed by a YouTube link, I instantly got my hope stupid high that the two groups performed together on this show I had never heard of that probably wasn’t associated with a certain Chicago legend just like Perfume did with SMAP the other day. Talk about timing – SNSD aka Girl’s Generation have been on loop in my head thanks to their attempt at conquering Japan known as “Gee” and I’ll post about any tiny thing Perfume does so hey! This could be cool.

Alas, it’s only an interview where Perfume ask a few tee-ball easy questions to the members of Girl’s Generation, who take the opportunity to flex the Japanese language ability most likely mandated by their record label. Nothing terribly noteworthy – you learn about how the members of the group stretch, and they reveal their favorite Japanese food. Hard hitting stuff.