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Controlled Karaoke: Kids React To Hatsune Miku


Some ambitious YouTube uploader decided to show American children Japan’s holographic Vocaloid artist Hatsune Miku and film their reactions. Some notes:

– “People go to see that? But she’s not even real????!!!” Yep.

– “They had glowsticks and everything” really killed me for some reason.

– These kids have the pop industry down pat, ahhhhh I’m glad innocence gets shredded to pieces at a much younger age nowadays.

– I didn’t know that about Nyan Cat, thanks for the fact!

– These kids are so darn cute!

– Semi unrelated, but geez when did Japan Probe get so grouchy? Dude posted it first and I thank him for that, but man he comes off like a real sourpuss. ‘I found the kids so annoying that I couldn’t watch more than 30 seconds of the video.” You mean the 30 seconds where they say “what’s this?” and are generally confused like any person not exposed to this stuff would have? Honestly, the whole site has had a more old-man edge to it in the past few months, at least with anything political. Take it easy man, you run one of the best blogs on Japan, be happy!

– If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to meet me in real life, just take a listen to 11-year-old Jake. He has the same vocal inflection I’ve been cursed with plus all my hand mannerisms. Shit, I’ve compared J-Pop starts to Final Fantasy too! I literally stopped the video and had to process what I saw.