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Controlled Karaoke: Mayor Of Aso City Sings AKB48’s “Flying Get,” Foolishly Lets Someone Record It


You know how sometimes you go to a party or some other laid-back social gathering and there is some dude/dudette who makes a funny joke or maybe talks in a silly voice for a second and it kills? Like, everyone burst out laughing and loves it. Then said person decides “hey, I like this attention!” and decides to repeat the joke/schtick for the rest of the night. And soon enough, the laughter has been replaced with silent annoyance because that person really should stop talking like that, geez. Know how that happens?

Here is the mayor of Aso City singing AKB48’s “Flying Get” to a bunch of folk at a Coming Of Age Day event. Watch as what could have been a nice little gag (haha a person with serious responsibilities is singing a song made for 12-year-old girls) turns into a bizarre grab at attention via a man who either secretly has the AKB baby-making app or went overboard studying for a joke.

I’d call for impeachment, but that’s just me.

(Thanks to Neojaponisme for posting this on their Twitter)