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While We Were Out: New Cloudy Busey “Don’t Know Why You Love Me”

A lot of stuff happened while we were on vacation, and some of it we didn’t notice until, oh, minutes ago! Look, I had Jamba Juice to drink, I let my Twitter-viewing habits slip a bit. Anyway, one such late discovery was this new track from Cloudy Busey, the solo project of Ice Cream Shout’s Bob. If you are expecting pop in the vein of “Broken By Inertia,” prepare to be surprised – “Don’t Know Why You Love Me” is a dance song, tagged techno here and certainly worthy of that category. Listen below.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Friendly reminder that folks like Bob and myself (people who live in Osaka) can’t dance to this sort of stuff late at night because we live in a psycho city.