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Controlled Karaoke: Meet The Geriatric AKB48, OJS48


Oh lord, this trend needs to be fenced in a bit. The massive success of ant-hill-like pop outfit AKB48 has inspired a plethora of spin-off groups, ranging from sorta expansion teams in other cities (Sendai, Osaka, etc.) to not-safe-for-work-named groups flipping the genders (Naked Boyz). Now comes the logical next step in either a brilliant joke or a terrifying business model – OJS38, the old-man AKB48.

Really. Run by the same guy responsible for AKB48, OJS48 (“ojisan 48” which is like grandpa in Japanese I believe) either proves the Japanese actually dig irony way more than folks give them credit…speaking of, look for a topic-appropriate article soon!…or music people will take any idea (or in this case, Young@Heart with way worse music) regardless of how insane it is and just run with it. Who OJS48 appeals to I’m not sure…moms?…but if you dig older dudes singin’ tunes, videos up there.

Place bets on what the next AKB48-mutation will be in the comments!