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Motor City Ghosts Post Four New Songs, Probably Don’t Care That The Detroit Lions Are 0-3

Much to my dismay, Nagoya-based rockers Motor City Ghosts don’t actually hail from the Motor City. They are actually a Canadian and three British dudes. For some reasons I pictured them as hailing from Michigan and probably being bummed about the Lion’s weak start. I doubt it now. What we do know about the band is they have posted four new tracks to MySpace. Three of the four new tracks sound like winners (sorry “Invisible Flags,” you sound goofy in a creepy sorta way) – “London/Paris Eyes” toys with dirty surf rock before becoming a bar-band-worthy groove made slightly unsettling by lead singer James Turner’s weird vocals (can belly buttons be different colors?). “Wakarani Girl” slows things down a bit with emphasis going on the stomping beat, while “Little Jenny” stands out as the highlight thanks to its aggressive sound which never lets down and the catchiest chorus.