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Controlled Karaoke: New Male Version Of NMB48, Osaka Spinoff Of AKB48, Coming Soon

Turns out the whole 48-member-pop-group trend will never die – based off the success of AKB48-copy NMB48, someone had the idea to start up an all-male version for the Osaka area to rake in that sweet sweet teenage girl/lonely housewife money. Auditions to be in this new performance troupe go down late this month, and soon enough you’ll have the chance to watch 48 bro idols sing for you at a theater located in some department store. Tokyo Hive wrote this one first, and also note that if this thing takes off it ‘could spread a chain reaction of potential local male groups to other areas.” Come fast comet.

In NMB48 news, I saw the official theater a few weeks ago and had the chance to visit one of the official merchandise stores dotting the Namba area. Not nearly as much merch as I expected, though I got a sweet armband for 800 yen. Ironic purchases are the best!