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Let’s go into this weekend – Valentine’s weekend nonetheless, where the romantics blossom and the single stew – with a lesson courtesy of SWIM SWEET UNDER SHALLOW. This duo aren’t knocking over walls trying to create a breathtaking new sound…the music available here skews towards guitar-heavy rock-pop right on the edge of “indie-popness.” Despite being much more enjoyable than what it hints at, “Background Music” is nothing more than some simplistic drumming, at times fuzzy guitar playing and singing. Yet – and here’s the aforementioned lesson serving as our lead – SSUS play to their strengths which would be the dual vocals. The female vocals are pretty enough, but it’s when the two voices stick together does the group reach it’s full potential. The combined voices lend tenderness to their music and give them real life, make SSUS stand out. These two do what they know they can knock out of the park, and that’s not a bad thing to remember. Listen here.