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Controlled Karaoke: Saturday Night Live Japan Parodies Girls’ Generation,


Japan recently got its own version of Saturday Night Live and, this past weekend, the fledgling program did a brief parody of South Korean juggernaut Girls’ Generation, recreating the video for the group’s Japanese single “Mr. Taxi.” Can you spot the joke? Hint, some of them are men. Watch it now, as the YouTube uploaded MAKES IT CLEAR IN ALL CAPS this will be removed next week.

A weaker man would write something like “lol as bad as the American SNL right?” but 1. I have no idea if there is some sort of deeper commentary going on here so I won’t say anything to critical and 2. yeah SNL in America has a lot of strike outs but they still knock one out (or at least record a respectable single) once in awhile, which is more than a lot of shows can boast. And hey, they gave us this.


The Japan Times recently ran a story about Saturday Night Live Japan, read it here.