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Controlled Karaoke: Sexy All Sisters? Sexy All Sisters.


Look people, I’ve got you figured out. I noticed my web traffic reached absurd heights when I posted a story featuring the words “AKB48” and “porn” in the same headline. The biggest lesson I learned from journalism school went “appeal to your audience.” So…brace for sexiness courtesy of the slightly creepy titled Sexy All Sisters, a collective of pop “artists.”

This collection of groups does signal one of the most blatant attempts at disregarding music and banking on T&A to sell…something. Like, the only American group I can really compare them to would be the Pussycat Dolls, and even then they tried to be legitimate pop stars. Here we have a few collections of scantily clad women tackling various themes to appeal to every bizarre fetish out there. We’ve got the sexy Power Rangers of Pairenger, car lovers D-Rive (video above), the cheerleaders of Slender, the…sexy pirates?…of Sangokushi, the maids of Umerotai and the vague women of Yankee. Just…bizarre.

I fully expect a trillion web hits from this. Time to get Google ads up!