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New Music/Video Roundup: The Mirraz, Base Ball Bear, The Great Funny Pant Sound

The Mirraz ““君の料理(レシピNo.2027)”


Another day, another new Mirraz track and video to digest. The latest continues in the same direction as last week’s single “Happy Ice Cream,” putting the band’s rapid-fire-talk-sing vocals against relatively simple albeit sweet music. It’s another strong song from the group, and it’s helping to make their new album On Top Of The Fuck’N World one of the releases I’m most excited about for…next week. The video ends up being slightly less exciting…a woman cooks a meal while the band goofs around in the other room.

Base Ball Bear ““Juujika You and I”


Holy shit where did this come from. A year ago, Base Ball Bear sounded like just another run-of-the-road J-Rock band…not memorable in any way. Year later they drop THIS and suddenly transform into strutting, thrusting beast. It’s like the normal kid in high school who keeps to himself and writes so-so short stories suddenly started fucking EVERYONE on campus. SparkPlugged nail it when they say Base Ball Bear bring “the funk.” This is a hip-shaker, but it also possesses shades of aggression (the guitar furies, the electro blasts) that makes it deeper than it should be. The video seems a bit off…some melodramatic anime adventure…but god damn, this song. Base Ball Bear, don’t hurt ’em.

The Great Funny Pant Sound

Awesomely titled rock outfit The Great Funny Pant Sound build some more steam for their new EP Banana posting one more song to MySpace. It’s called “《境目》” and you can hear it here.