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Controlled Karaoke: Shimura Zoo Turns Former Boxer Into Lil’ John Lookalike, My Head Shakes
yo yo facepalm yo
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For all the great attributes that draw us to them in the first place, friends also usually boast a few traits we aren’t fond of and can sometimes be annoying. No biggie, no human can be perfect to anyone – otherwise great people will sometimes focus a little too much on how great high school was for them or argue Five Guys burgers somehow trump In-N-Out’s. All cool! Yet sometimes friends do one thing that absolutely drives you up the wall and makes you want to have some sort of intervention with them at that moment. Usually, your bud doesn’t realize this action makes you want to ship him off to a labor camp, and sees nothing wrong with what they are doing. You can’t even really blame them from it – they come from a different background where this sort of stuff most have been tolerated or even celebrated. But it still makes you bonkers and you pray one day your friend wises up and stops doing it.

The above video of former professional boxer Yoko Gushiken being transformed into a “rapper” to see whether his (adorable) dog would still fawn over him hits on that “one thing” Japan does that makes me want to write a big dumb academic paper. Just…”yo yo.” Gahhhhhhhh.

(Via Japan Probe)

This aired on the cute-animal program Shimura Zoo, which gave the world one other musical masterpiece much more worthy of celebration.