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New Faron Square: “Still Breathe”

Not sure what has gotten into the Cuz Me Pain crew recently, but they seem damn intent on proving they aren’t an Internet meme. First, NITES upped his game big time, and now labelmate Faron Square gives the world the demo for “Still Breathe.” The key components of the Cuz Me Pain sound remain intact – this sounds very much like a home recording, and there are heavy elements of fuzz crawling around here- but the heart of “Still Breathe” is…house music? Though all sorts of noises shove in and make this track at times downright creepy, running through the entire thing is a ludicrously catchy piano line that reminds me more of Chicago house than chillwave. Which isn’t a pot shot – most “chillwave” acts spread out over all sorts of blogs make something resembling dance music, but a sort of non-committed dance track toeing the line. Faron Square isn’t thinking things over on this demo – he’s doing an interesting, bedroom version of house. Maybe a little too cluttered at times, but a good listen.

And with tracks like this and NITES’ “Carcass Of The Sun” coming out of the Cuz Me Pain doors, it’s become clear this label is one of the most forward-thinking in Japan. Though the undercard of the label seems to still be trying to find a way to rise above just being “bedroom artists,” the big three of the label – Faron Square, NITES and AAPS – have been seeing just how many corners they can dig into from within their rooms. Hell, AAPS have made dubstep and sorta sunny pop music and drone. A few months ago I’d be on the fence whether to say what Cuz Me Pain did leaned toward blog-hype. Now, I think it’s on some whole new roads. Listen to “Still Breathe” here.