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Couple Of New Madegg Songs: “Compound” And “Tou Mei”

Kyoto whizz-kid Madegg has a few new developments to talk about tonight. His SoundCloud page reveals his first proper album will be “coming this spring,” which is pretty exciting, especially because it will come out on Flau Records, home to Neon Cloud and Cokiyu. It also appears the young producer has developed a visual trend – he puts yellow circles over pictures of other things. He also has two new songs available to hear now. “Compound” is a slow-burning beat featuring a lot of nice details – the chopped up voice, the time-bending electronic ripples, what sounds like fast-forwarded drums – that evolves constantly over its almost-six-minute-long run. Listen below.

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He also took to YouTube to release the song “Tou Mei,” which you can hear below. A lot shorter, but with just as many interesting vocals slices.