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I’m Doing One Week, One Band This Week About Perfume

I’ve been mentioning it on Twitter and Tumblr, but might as well get it here too…this week, I’ve been given the digital keys to One Week, One Band, an excellent music blog where writers devote one week to writing about one specific band or artist. I’m going where no other contributor has gone yet – into the world of J-Pop, to write about a trio I regularly gush about here, Perfume. I started yesterday and have written four posts thus far, mainly about Perfume’s origins. Later today, the theme has sorta become “Perfume and the digital age,” as I’ll focus on the later singles found on Complete Best. And then…three more days after that!

So check it out if you can, especially because posting will be light over here for the week. I will still post a few things…expect something tomorrow morning and I couldn’t skip Station To Station…but for these next few days I am taking a small break from these corners.