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Court Shufflin’: Redcompass’ “Pink Palomar” And “Samuel Palomar”

Redcompass is best known as the guy responsible for organizing the Fogpak series of compilations, which highlight burgeoning electronic artists from across Japan and abroad. His own work has popped up on those sets…and he’s DJed across Japan…but he recently shared a handful of original songs online, two of which played off of one another and offer some great dance music accented by, well, the sound of sneakers squeaking on a hardwood floor (a personal favorite sound). “Pink Palomar” is a shifty number featuring some trickly samples and a vocal sample about not being able to see your baby working for nothing. It’s a bit lighter, but those string strikes over it add some nice drama. Listen above.

“Samuel Palomar,” meanwhile, brings back the squeaky sounds and the same string hits, but puts them in a song sporting a more minimal vocal sample — one celebrating syllables over sentences — and one backed by heavier-hitting details (those low bass smacks!). Listen below.