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New House Of Tapes: “Twinkle Colors”

Nagoya’s House Of Tapes has recently been exploring the softer side of his sound, moving a bit away from the punishing four-on-the-floor beats and tar-pit synths marking his early works in favor of brighter sounds. “Twinkle Colors” marks one of his bigger shift into this neon-bright direction yet, if the title didn’t give it away — it revolves around fleet synth notes, and the percussion acts more as a force scooting the song ahead rather than something to trample with. But the twist is, House Of Tapes has figured out bubbly and glowing can be just as sonically constricting — as Electrical Light Parade as this gets, it still makes the most of a lot of sounds. Instead of feeling like impending apocalypse, though, it sounds like something much more joyous. Listen above.