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CRZKNY, DJ Fulltono And Skip Club Orchestra Come Together For Draping 1 And Draping 2

Here you have three of the most important Japanese juke producers — two of its early advocates, plus a creator who consistently puts out the best stuff in the country AND helps offer a politicized space to showcase talent — working together on a series of releases where they play around with ideas over a course of multiple songs. So far, two Draping releases have been released, each finding the producers contributing one song each. Besides being a great connection of juke — how could it not be with the names involved — it also offers a great chance to put each under a microscope and see the details separating them. Skip Club Orchestra really leans in on their name by emphasizing quick skips of sound, not letting any vocal samples stretch out or just letting notes hit quickly, while CRZKNY does more with vocal samples (and goes for a more aggressive sound, at least on the two tracks here). Fulltono, meanwhile, is just the loosest and funkiest of the trio. Get 1 here and 2 here, or listen below.