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New AOTQ: Alone

By releasing two stellar albums of easy-breezy but emotionally twisty electronic music in 2018, AOTQ reminds that you can come up with some really interesting ideas if you just keep exploring an approach that has worked before. The parts making up Alone aren’t all that different from what appeared earlier this year on E-muzak. It’s all Jusco-adjacent creations that use the limits of AOTQ’s instruments as a way to find all sorts of new angles. “Morning Call” sets an upbeat mood well before the MIDI-strings sweep in and the beat gives it a caffeine bounce. “Floppy Disk” is so skippy…but gets out bounced by “Tonic Water” on the very next cut. But for all the chipper moments, it’s stuff like “Night In Taipei,” which slows the formula down and embraces space to create something a little more tender, or the melancholy title track, which imagines what the cereal aisle might sound like if the composer making the tunes was having a really sentimental day. Get it here, or listen below.