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Cubs More Like Flubs: immi – “Sign Of Love”


A quick Google search for “immi” reveals a couple articles and message board threads comparing the trancey singer’s musical production to Daft Punk. Since this is my first exposure to the all lower-caps immi, I can’t really verify if that’s true. If we assume it’s true…the best journalism here folks…then on latest single “Sign Of Love” she ditches the Tron-soundtracking robots in favor of The Chemical Brothers. Specifically, “Star Guitar.” Check the beat on “Sign Of Love” which nicks the same one used by the Brothers, which gets placed underneath a shimmering veil of electronics…like “Star Guitar.” It’s great production inspired by a great song, but what makes “Sign Of Love” great not just for popping E to is immi’s singing. Predictably great pop singing untouched by Autotune adds a needed catchy element into the song’s DNA, transforming “Sign Of Love” from a heady track into a much more urgent pop song.

Also, though I’m glad some brave soul posted the full song on YouTube, why set it to pictures of Wrigley Field? When I think of dance-ready J-Pop I don’t think about Carlos Zambrano.