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Perfume Set To Play Biggest Show Ever At Tokyo Dome On November 3rd

Sometimes I play a Jeopardy-like game with my English students, asking them about America facts and quizzing them on grammar. For kicks, I also throw in a few personal questions like “what’s my dog named” or “how old am I?” The big finale, usually, is “what is my favorite Japanese band?” Since none of my students know “Zazen Boys,” I go with Perfume which always shocks the kids. It’s really cute seeing them go into shock over finding out my favorite Japanese pop outfit happens to be three hyper-feminine singers. I always laugh.

This has nearly nothing to do with the news that Perfume will play the Tokyo Dome on November 3rd this year, I just thought it was a cute intro. Anyway, this will be the pop outfit’s first show at the massive venue, and most likely their biggest ever. The dome holds about 50,000 people, and every one of those seats will be taken up barring some crazy scandal. Perfume are only the second electropop band to perform at the Tokyo Dome…Yellow Magic Orchestra were the other one. Does this mean they’ll have new material? A new album, per chance? No idea, but keep an eye out for ticket info if you want to be part of J-electropop history.