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Cuushe Guests On New Song By Iglooghost: “Gold Coat”

Cuushe has been hopping around the world over the last few years, capped off recently by an appearance at the five-year anniversary party for the label Cascine. She made time to guest on the song “Gold Coat,” by the just-signed-to-Brainfeeder artist Iglooghost, and the song will appear on the producer’s forthcoming Chinese Nü Yr album. It is, pretty immediately, not regular terrain for Cuushe — “Gold Coat” is a skittery, all-over the place number, one with plenty of charms but a world away from the dreamier places Cuushe has existed in her solo music and with Neon Cloud. Yet she blends in well with the frantic surroundings, and somehow her vocal drift sounds…well, like her, even among moments that lean towards outright trap madness. Listen above.