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Electronic Round-Up: House Of Tapes, Miii And Snail’s House

– Nagoya’s House Of Tapes recently released the Magnolia EP, but that isn’t slowing down the producer any. He has shared “Nice Dream” which is another pulverizing, suffo…wait, what, this is actually really soft and sweet?! After a small collection of chaotic songs, “Nice Dream” scales things back a bit and opts for a dreamier sound (albeit one that still breaks out into a gallop late, but within his world it’s like the other side of the pillow). Listen above.

– Miii mostly makes really aggressive, really bone-rattling electronic music leaning closer to the EDM spectrum, and a lot of it is very good, but also sometimes not the most interesting sound to write about. “Scuffed White,” however, is a swerve of sorts, the producer delivering a seven-minute-plus number full of sliced up syllables and a melancholy atmosphere. The intensity picks up as the song moves ahead, but never turns brutal. Listen below.

– This one is a little older, but I revisited this week and was reminded of how nice it is. Snail’s House gets jazzy on the simple and sweet “Thinkin’ Of U,” a nice change of pace from the often-manic sounds the young producer usually shares. Nice for staring out of windows to. Listen below.