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Digital Shoegazing: Kaku No User’s “Indigo EP”

One of the big drawbacks of my recent hiatus from blogging was missing out on Omoide Label’s latest crop of releases. Surprise — the netlabel kept on hitting their stride, with joyful squiggle outs followed by madcap dance and then stuffed-tight compilations. The Indigo EP serves as a good point to jump back in, though, as it offers something that I can’t remember Omoide putting out before. Kaku No User imagines shoegaze music through a digital kaleidoscope, matching guitar with chirpy synthesizer melodies and filtered singing on the title track, and slowing things down on the woozier “Lines.” It’s something familiar, but approached from an offbeat angle…which is a good summary of Omoide Label in general. Get it here, or listen below.