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Djwwww Remixes Tavito Nanao: “Circus Night”

Programming Note: Make Believe Melodies is off to Korea for the weekend, so the blog is taking a rest Friday! Let’s end the week on a slimy note

It almost seems a little too straightforward for a guy like Djwwww, who has spent just under a year creating music that sounds more like a dystopian video game playing out than, uh, a traditionally structured song. So his decision to remix Tavito Nanao’s strutter “Circus Night” is surprising, especially as for a little bit it seems like he’s mostly just upped the pitch on the number. Well, turns out no, it turns into a Djwwww joint really fast. Although the song plays out throughout, he piles on a bunch of disorienting samples over it, ranging from glass breaking to missiles to…slime? And then snippets of other songs creep in (I think I keep hearing Fetty Wap, but I’m not sure on that one). It is something very pretty turned disturbing, neither side really overwhelming the other but just making an intriguing mud puddle of a song. Listen above.