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Dorian Remixes アナ’s “TEI”

Let’s start with the original version of “TEI” – アナ made an enjoyable bit of indie-pop bolstered by a few theatrical touches – see, that gong and those guitars and maybe just that general glow of “bigness” pulsing underneath the whole track. It also has a bit of a leg-moving feel thanks to the drum beat and a few moments where the instruments step back and let more electronic noises take over. A fine song, but also quite easy to be swept aside by something trying to sounds really new. Listen below.

Dorian sensed the potential in those big, dancey moments and decided to take “TEI” and blow it up into a eight-minute-long laser light show of a track. The original track tried to up the group’s sound to something “dramatic” without really trying to move away from un-muscular indie-pop> Dorian don’t protein-up “TEI” but rather stretch their synths out to let アナ’s vocals float around a bit more. The original “TEI” wanted to fill up speakers – this remix wants to feel space. Listen at the top of the page.