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Double Serving: Cor!s’ “Firefly” And AZUpubschool’s “Sakuragai”

Both members of KiWi shared new songs tonight, a nice reminder to anyone who enjoys the duo’s Adam’s Family EDM that both are accomplished artists in their own right. Cor!s’ “Firefly” is a sweet number doubling as a floor-filler, the lyrics considering the transience of relationships and what it takes for something to last…but backed by a shifty beat and quick-hit electronics that never get too hard, but know when to pick up the pace. Throw in some strings, and you have a number that will get your mind turning while moving. Listen above, or get it here.

On the other size, AZUpubschool makes a slightly breezier electro-pop number in “Sakuragai.” It still has a lot of the fluttery elements that pop up in “Firefly” too — the pre-chorus bits where voices start getting especially lithe, to the point of sounding like this w-inds song — but instead of plunging forward come the hook, it just speeds up a bit and features some stuttery vocals. The energy, though, remains high. Listen below, or get it here.