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Drift Off: Oono Yuriko’s Kimi Wa, Dare?

Oono Yuriko’s new EP, released via Ano(t)raks, seems like a good place to end the week. After the last few hectic days (maybe I’m just speaking too much for myself), her relatively easy-going collection feels like an especially welcoming mattress to collapse on. It isn’t pure ComforPedic though – what makes it a compelling listen is the sense of longing that comes through clearly in these songs. Whether she’s singing over sun-dappled guitar or space-age lounge sytnhs, Yuriko’s voice always trails off a little longer than it should, always caught on something. It comes together best on the title track, the most conventionally “twee” thing here, but made stronger via the ache in her voice. Get it here, or listen below.