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DYGL Change Name To Leather, Release Demo Tape #1

Leather sort of is a more fitting name for the outfit formerly known as DYGL. Their previous name bright to mind, I don`t know, EDM pop or something. Once you get past the bluntness of the new moniker, it makes enough sense – they often sound rough on recordings, songs showcasing a made-in-my-living-room intimacy. The first collection under the Leather name is the similarly direct Demo Tape #1, and even with a new name they still do all the things that made DYGL intriguing. Opener “I`m Waiting For You” opens with sweet strings, but soon pivots into a chugging rock number punctuated by the hook`s near-shrieked “I wait for you!” That approach pays off on “Next Day” as well, though the highlight is closer “Waves.”It is the band at their rawest, the singing slippery in the best way possible and the music shooting for an early Strokes vibe. Get it here, or listen below.