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Madegg Embraces Some Lowercase Letters, Also Releases New EP

It’s great that an artist can just throw recently completed tracks online minutes after completion and get attention for them, but still it’s nice to see actual albums and EPs pop up as well. Kyoto’s Madegg (looks like he doesn’t go all caps anymore, cool) has been posting a bunch of excellent single tracks to his SoundCloud lately, but with his just released (on Bandcamp!) EP Fade, I’m happy to say he’s put something out that serves as a perfect starting point to his spaced-out sounds. It’s five-tracks long, albeit the one named “Makura” twitches on gorgeously for ten minutes, and captures Madegg’s Brainfeeder-inspired brain in one great place. Highlights include the click-heavy glower “Bruw” and opener “Island 1” with it’s laser-beam gurgles oozing underneath the wrench-work. Fade highlights some of the most exciting electronic music coming out of the Kansai region right now, and if you haven’t spent some time with Madegg this is early evening chat you should have. Go here to listen to it.