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Electric Showers – The Aprils “Shine×Shine×Shine×Shine”

I’ve never heard anything by The Aprils prior to this year, so this article’s claim that they’ve “sold their innocent indie souls to the god of electro pop” can’t really be argued with around these parts. The band name does paint them as a group ready to be filed after “The Apricots” on, but the only version of the Aprils I know are the electro-folks present on the song “Shine×Shine×Shine×Shine.” The track hedges between the sugary disco-pop of Perfume and the house-oriented √thumm, resembling a pretty straightforward pop song run under a digital fountain. The Aprils never indulge too much with the electronics, even keeping the Autotune to a minimal and allowing the lead singer’s voice to retain some humanness. The horn-stabs popping up definitely cross the line into unnecessary (and the video is kinda weak), but “Shine×Shine×Shine×Shine” a head-bopping pleasure all the way through. Whatever direction they are heading in, it sounds good.