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Electro Overload: New Songs From Motometointe And Aire

Great week for fans of near-suffocating (in the best possible way that word can be deployed) electro-pop originating out of Japan. First up is “Weekend,” a bouncy dance-pop cut courtesy of Motometointe, a duo featuring Nmotome and Intend. While the busy electronics and generally upbeat pace hit immediate pleasure centers, its the tag-team vocals that really lift the song up for me. Intend jump-ropes between rapping and a more familiar, monotone singing come the chorus, while Nmotome interjects with a Rip-Slym-y verse his own to lighten the mood. Listen above.

And from today, Kanagawa-based artist Aire shared “Kokoro No Katachi,” a loose-limbed electro-pop numbered embracing the futuristic bend of this style with Vocaloid singing. It’s still human, after all — besides Aire’s charged-up composition and production, the lyrics come courtesy of Y2 and the song features nice guitar touches courtesy of O2I3. It all comes together to form a rubbery number apt for a sunny day. Listen below.