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New House Of Tapes: “Not Eternity” And “There is No Encore”

Two new songs from Nagoya’s House Of Tapes emerged over the weekend, both highlighting different sides to what the electronic producer — one of Japan’s more prolific independent electronic acts — has been up to recently. “Not Eternity” finds him in a particularly dreamy space, his singing muffled but surrounded by bright synth pings. Ultimately, the vocals offer some disruption, as when they leave the number “Not Eternity” approaches a particularly shimmering headspace. But the words cut through, and add some ennui to the proceedings. Listen above.

“There Is No Encore” treads similar ground, as it too features prominent (albeit frazzled) vocals from House Of Tapes. Yet it’s less dream-worthy and a bit more muddled, at least until late in the song, when it opens up and House Of Tapes’ synth melodies really get a chance to shine. Listen below.